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The Best Way to Get Indoor Plants for Sale in Colorado Springs

Vertical Foliage is an interior plantscaping company in Colorado Springs.  We create interior plant designs and provide delivery and plant care services.
Vertical Foliage

Buy Exotic Indoor Plants in Colorado Springs

Vertical Foliage provides Colorado Springs with the ultimate indoor plantscaping and maintenance service. Our knowledgeable experts solve problems in the home or office by providing unique and functional interior plant designs, delivery and plant care services.

Interior Plantscape Design

Indoor plants for your store, office or home in Colorado Springs.
Snake plant room divider

For a healthy indoor plantscape, both correct placement and on-going care for your plants are critical. At Vertical Foliage, our technical experts understand which plant species will thrive in the appropriate space(s). A few elements to consider when placing your plants include dimensions, aesthetics, function(s), and natural vs. artificial lighting available. Also, you’ll want to accent the greenery with a container or pot to match your style and for a cohesive design. We carry high quality, modern, and fashionable options to best display your plant friends in the office and/or home settings.

We encourage elements of biophilic design to be used throughout Colorado Springs. Research shows that indoor plants both increase employee productivity and lend to improved customer experiences. Use elements of the natural environment to provide mental and physical health benefits in your home or workplace.

Colorado Springs indoor plants for sale, delivery and maintenance.  Colorado Springs living wall.
Interior plantscape design with living wall.

Indoor Plant Delivery and Installation

If you have an office or home in Colorado Springs, we will deliver and install indoor plants at your convenience. There is no need to interrupt your busy routine or focus on the best plant selection. With Vertical Foliage’s expertise and equipment, we can suggest the right plants for your setting, hand-select the most lush and appropriate varieties, and deliver them right to your location. Our technicians can even install vertical planting displays for a livened up interior space.

Indoor Plant Maintenance Service

Consistency is key for just about any living thing to thrive, and our indoor plant friends can often be forgotten in today's hurried landscape. With Vertical Foliage ongoing plant care services in Colorado Springs, you can count on a knowledgeable technician to visit weekly at your scheduled convenience. During this visit, we water, prune, fertilize, trim, dust, rotate, and control pests as needed, to maintain a healthy indoor environment. If a plant falls below our strict quality standards, we guarantee timely replacement as part of our contractual guarantee.

Office interior plants design with living wall
Indoor plantscape design for your office.

Impressive Living Walls

Both living walls and room dividers can quell our innate desire to be in nature by bringing the outdoors, indoors. An impressive living wall display can elevate your brand and serves as a centerpiece for customers to remember you by. Contact us to learn how a barebones wall can become a lush greenscape that gets people talking. If subtlety is more your thing, we also carry green room dividers for gorgeous, low maintenance greenery, coupled with noise dampening functionality. And, our calming, nontraditional hanging gardens” will create a private greenspace for your employees and customers to relax.

Buy indoor office plants or houseplants in Colorado Springs.
Office building with indoor ficus tree and living wall.

Ready to start enjoying your indoor jungle? Contact us for a free consultation!

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