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Vertical Foliage

Vertical is the new direction in interior planting – have a look at these innovative ways to add greenery to your office space and enjoy the benefits of biophilia without compromising on floor space.  These indoor wall plant displays are guaranteed to add the wow factor to your workspace and make it stand out from the crowd.

Indoor/Outdoor Living Walls

This unique modular living wall system, with its interchangeable plant cassettes, makes it possible to give a sustainable and vibrant appearance to both flat and curved walls.  

Living Wall Benefits

  • Incredible first impressions!

  • Raises property values

  • Ultra-low maintenance

  • Increases humidity levels

  • Boosts air quality

  • Dampens noise

Planted Panel System


Planted panels can be used in a multitude of vertical greenery scenarios. The customer can create their green wall to suit, both in terms of design, layout and plant choice.



Planted panels are a simple to install on many types of walls. The green wall brings an extra dimension to the room, is easy on the eye, yet striking and a real talking point for any interior. 

Living Artwork

Planted picture frames are an innovative piece of natural artwork produced from high-quality and durable materials and an interchangeable system of plant cassettes.

These frames are a stylish and space-saving solution to add plants to any space. Rooms with limited options and space for planters and greenery can benefit from this wall-mounted living artwork. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is widely used in offices, schools, hotels, kitchens (handy for herbs), waiting areas, receptions and showrooms.

Room Dividers

Living dividers add a natural barrier within a living or workspace without affecting the room’s open aspect.


This eye-catching greenery addition brings a splash of planted beauty, creating a healthy atmosphere with added privacy.


The plants within the living dividers absorb ambient noise, proving effective in improving the room’s acoustics.

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