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Indoor Plants for Sale in Colorado Springs!

We deliver and install indoor plants in Colorado Springs and provide maintenance for commercial and residential accounts.  Call 719-988-6060 or schedule a quick chat to get a free quote and place an order.  

Last step!

*only necessary for maintenance accounts

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Quick Chat (15-30 min) 

Virtual meeting or phone call


Interiorscape Assessment (1 hr)
On-site visit

Let's have a quick chat to understand your project better, answer any general questions and get prepared for the next step.

Topics to discuss:  

  • Size of the project

  • Product options (plants, containers, living walls, water features, etc.)

  • Delivery and installation process

  • Discuss invoicing process (plant variations)

  • Get a free quote!

Potential topics to discuss:

  • Our weekly plant maintenance process

  • Biophilic design introduction

In this meeting we'll discuss the final decisions.  We walk through your space and assess the current environmental conditions and the health of any existing plants.  Then we decide on the amount and which exotic plants and containers fit your style.

Topics to discuss:  

  • Assess the current interiorscape

  • Record inventory

  • Develop a design concept

  • Set up a maintenance schedule

Potential topics to discuss:

  • Additional biophilic design applications


Do you have a brown thumb?

Leaving town for a while?


Too busy to take care of your plants?

Learn more about our plant maintenance service!

Rubber plant

We'll help you find exotic plants for indoors that are right for your business location and house plants that are safe for your pets.  If necessary, we can recommend indoor plants that don't need sun and require low light.

Living Wall Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs living walls.

Looking for an ultra impressive plant display?
Check out our living walls!

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