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The Importance of Using Biophilic Design in the Workplace

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Colorado Springs interior plant design
Urban sprawl in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. in 2022. Industries such as hospitality, aerospace and sports medicine are thriving in the Pikes Peak Region and a building boom is happening. Economic growth brings urban development, and in this article we examine the impacts on the personal wellbeing of citizens living in a newly built urban jungle. Also, we explore the benefits of incorporating indoor greenspaces into Colorado Springs’ economic development plan.


Biophilia refers to humans’ natural affinity for other life forms, and our innate tendency to seek connection with the natural environment. Earth has a range of sensory stimuli consisting of endless colors, shapes, sounds, and patterns. Elements such as a soft breeze, the sound of a waterfall, or the view from a mountaintop help to create pleasurable experiences that humans evolved to enjoy.

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is a concept used to incorporate natural elements into our built environment. The objective is to create spaces that mimic elements of the outdoors – shifting focus away from the typical bare walls, echoing halls, and stagnant, dry air. To achieve this, it’s important to include curved edges, irregular shapes, a range of colors, non-rhythmic sounds, light, movement and airflow into an interior design.

Biophilic design elements:

  • Visual - Views of other non-threatening life forms and outdoor landscapes.

  • Non-visual - Linking sound, taste, touch, and smell to a natural environment.

  • Non-Rhythmic Stimuli - Random and short-lasting stimuli to break up repetition.

  • Presence of Water - Multisensory and essential to life, we generally love being near it!

  • Lighting - With varying intensities, dynamic and diffused light mimic daylight changes.

  • Temperature and Airflow - Subtle changes in air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow can mimic natural environments.

Office plants Colorado Springs
Spending large amounts of time devoid of nature can create detrimental health effects and so building a working environment as close to nature as possible is key.

Indoor plants maintenance Colorado Springs
Indoor plants can be used to divide areas in a building or create private seating spaces.

Indoor office plants Colorado Springs
Living wall in a private office.

Advantages of Biophilic Design in the Office

To be most productive, it is important for people in the office to feel comfortable and less-stressed. Biophilic design creates the optimal environment for employees to produce their best work. It’s a technique used by architects, engineers and interior designers to help break up a monotony of right angles and flat surfaces. Spending too much time indoors can prove detrimental and harmful for our mental and physical health. This results in higher absentee rates and increased presenteeism.

An indoor greenspace with a good connection to nature feels whole; it grabs your attention and can stimulate or calm the senses. What is more, research studies correlate the presence of indoor plants with mental and physiological benefits.

Indoor plants contribute to a healthy workforce by:

Big companies like Google and Amazon are just two examples incorporating more natural elements in the workplace and realizing tangible productivity gains.

House plants Colorado Springs
A private greenspace that uses biophilic design elements such as plants, wood, stone and birds.

Vertical Foliage

Vertical Foliage is the Solution

At Vertical Foliage, we like to get to the root of Colorado Springs’ problem in commercial offices. We carry a variety of unique plant display products to leave a lasting impression at your home or office. Our living walls bring vertical surfaces to life and planted room dividers create private spaces for relaxation and focus.

Vertical Foliage offers fully-integrated biophilic design planning as well as plant maintenance services to preserve the beauty and quality of your indoor plants. Contact us to learn more about our interior plants for sale or for custom plantscaping in your home or office.

Vertical Foliage is the best way to get indoor plants for sale, delivery and maintenance in Colorado Springs. Whether you have 1 plant, or 100 plants, Vertical Foliage is dedicated to providing the same high-quality service!

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