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Living Art embodies innovation, design and landscaping to deliver stunning effects. The frame includes an integrated watering system with reservoir to ensure that the plants are provided with water for four to six weeks. The innovative patented construction requires no electrical connection. Living Art can be easily and quickly mounted on any wall using just a few screws.



Living Art is a stylish and space-saving solution to include plants in any interior environment. Rooms with limited space for plant pots will benefit from the wall-mounted placement. 



  • Unique visual impact

  • Water tank for 4 - 6 weeks,

    equipped with full and empty indicators

  • No electricity or pump required

  • Interchangeable plant cassettes and frame

  • Integrated watering system

  • Quick and easy installation

  • For indoors and outdoors

Living Art - Size 3

  • 60" x 28.3" x 2.8" 

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