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Biophilic Plantscape Experts

Vertical Foliage is the perfect choice for all your indoor plant care needs! We specialize in utilizing a variety of tropical foliage and unique containers to create a stunning and vibrant landscape for your office or home, enhancing your interior atmosphere and creating a healthy and pleasant environment.

Living Walls and
Room Dividers

We are always up on the latest products to ensure your interior greenery looks its best.

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Pots and Containers

We have the newest containers, pots and plant displays out there. Your plants will live in style at their new home.

Plant pots with holes in them

Explore some of our wonderful varieties of indoor plants for sale.

We'll help you find exotic plants for indoors that are right for your business location and house plants that are safe for your pets.  If necessary, we can recommend indoor plants that don't need sun and require low light.

We can help you design a new interior landscape for your office or home. Call Vertical Foliage to learn more about our interior plants for sale or to place a custom order.

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